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Team Striker JO: Typhoon Rising

Team Striker DFx server Status: Offline
BabStats stats database Status: Offline
Stats, since 14-06-2017 Status: Offline
Ventrilo server max 8 users TS members only Status: Online
Discord server (NEW) TS members only Status: Online

The squad "Team Striker DFx" is not recruiting new members right now

An era has ended, R.I.P. DFx (Delta Force Xtreme) 2005-2022

but TS "Team Striker", we have moved on to: Joint Ops. Typhoon Rising
and some members on CS-GO, YES I KNOW, BUT IT'S ALL THERE IS, AND what's more IT'S FREE to play ON steam
you could join us, but you'll have to be "friends" with me TS Sgt. Striker ON steam in order to be able to play with us on our server
(CS-GO = Counter Strike - Global Offensive)

Respect our rules always, and at any time!
A little thing about us:
Team founder of "Team striker DFx" is Alex Striker, Denmark

most of the members are from denmark, and we play just for fun and mainly CoOp. maps

we´ve got several members from Denmark, Sweden, USA, Canada, and one from Australia, and Austria, 2 from Germany and quite a few from England/UK

some of our members from denmark can´t login anymore to play with us,

since we got a new connection, sometimes we play on others servers, together

sometimes we use "ventrilo" (in game speech) for up to 8 users at the same time.

it is totally free, but donations are welcomed, look below, or ask admin how, if you feel to do so!

the gameserver is mine, and payed for, then there´s just the maintenance, new parts: like power supply every now and then, and the electricity

which is very expensive in Denmark, and increassing in 2009

If you are interested in becoming a team member, and play with us, from time to time

and play with our tag: "TS " in front of your name (that´s TS with a space, then your name) (you`ll need to get approved first, of course)

Note: you could loose your stats in other DFx servers, when you change your name!

But i will merge your stats here, from your old name, to your new name, so you wont lose them here (does not apply anymore, as babstats database is offline)

If you get approved as a member you can just "Create new" or rename in the game, under Characters (then you will start all over, with points)

then write us an email see below, if you can decipher it :-)
Just copy and paste the 1-10 ?`s below into an email and answer underneath each relevant ?. for you and sent

1. Your first name?

2. your email address?

3. your age?

4. your country?

5. your nationality?

6. your online name?

7. For how long you have been playing DFx?

8. Been a member of any other team/squad?

9. which team´s/squad´s, and for how long? (only if no. 8)

10. why you´re not a member of that team/squad anymore? (only if 8 and 9)

you can send your info/application to teamstriker2 at gmail dot com

NB: If you are under 29 years of age (new minimum age), please do not apply for membership...

Please read our rules/guidelines, and agree to it, before sending your application...

We reserve the right to disapprove you as a member! players with very slow connections and a ping over 750, will not be considered at all...

Note: Players who hasn´t been playing for about 60-90 days could be deleted from our- Bab. stats. list and database!
(Not team members)

Regards Alex Striker a.k.a TS Sgt. Striker (Gen.) (founder/owner, Team leader and head admin)

Greetings to:
TS Guro (semi admin), TS COLD-CHISEL (semi admin), TS BlackSun AUT (semi admin), TS lsn, TS LordDoom, TS Tomic (semi admin), TS krille1 (semi admin),
TS Fredde76, TS svengen3, TS Leafreak, TS Shadowkat, TS ShuttleDriver, TS Midnight, TSRoach Spinella, TS Tesa,
TS rad6893, TS bld05701, TS thegraphixguy, TS meatsquEEzer, TS ManofPrayer, TS AlterEgo800,
TS Knud Hansen, TS Soul Stalker, TS Greebo, TS GI JOE 2, TS tyha, TS Bulldog5, TS Old Nam Vet, TS DocSavage.
TS EJC065, TS FIVE-0, TS Axis62, TS Mirio, TS time4u2die, TS Shadow,
TS Wolf-Spider ...
Steel Rat, Cat45, Antagonist ...
former TS members: Deionizer, Woodstone, WildCat, nold-dk, SPIDER-DK, Bigblock302 ...
friends of TS: DutchJester, Nordfriese, andy killer, il Siciliano, Up Yours, Russianpsyco, Jonathan DK ...

Created on 19-01-2008 (Danish format)

Updated on 11-05-2024 (Danish/Nordic format dd-mm-yyyy)

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